Philip Lindeman
Harder/ Better/ Faster/ Error

Harder/ Better/ Faster/ Error

30 EUR
A story inspired by the ideology and schemes plotted by Theodore ‘The Unabomber’ Kaczynski.

The main character’s knowledge about technology makes him critical about the future advancements and the impact it will have on society as a whole. He decides that it’s time to let his voice be heard as a wake up call to the world. However as he progresses in his mission, anxiety strikes and leads to a breakdown where he finds himself in a situation where nature might be the only remedy for the technological disease.

The 80 page hardcover book contains a variety of playful perspectives, colors and atmospheres to bring the story to life. The illustrations go hand in hand with a text that is a reflection of the main character's suspicious thoughts. 

-Binding: hardcover
-Dimensions: 20x25cm
-Pages: 80
-Printed: Full color

-Illustrations: Philip Lindeman
-Text:  Enrico Toledo
-Graphic layout: Bea van Frankenhuyzen